Do You Fear There Is Mold In Your Furnace? Call A Heater Repair Expert Today To Avoid Hazards

Musty smells around the home when the furnace is running can be a big problem. If you feel like you can smell mold or must every time the furnace turns on, you need an HVAC professional to come assess the situation. There are many dangers that are connected with the inhalation of mold. You don't want to put your family at risk. Talk with a heating and cooling professional about having the following services completed today. [Read More]

4 Guiding Tips On Choosing The Ideal Location For Your New AC

While it may seem insignificant, the location you choose for your AC is crucial. Even though you pick a properly sized unit for your home, the wrong placement will adversely affect its performance. Consequently, the system's efficiency will reduce and spike your energy bills. Ask for help from an experienced residential AC installation specialist if unsure about the ideal location for the unit. They will evaluate your home's layout and determine the perfect spot for your system. [Read More]

Thinking About Buying An Oversized Furnace? Think Again!

There aren't many situations where more isn't better. Everyone would like more money, time, and friends, but your home's HVAC system may be the exception that proves the rule. Taking the "more is better" approach with your new furnace can potentially severely affect your long-term operating costs and comfort. But, what if you want to be sure that your system can deal with the coldest weather your region can throw? Doesn't it make sense to buy a system with a little more power than you need to ensure it can get you through those cold nights? [Read More]

Understanding The Details Of Two-Stage Vs. Variable AC Systems

Traditional HVAC systems are single-stage units. This description might sound like technical jargon, but it's relatively easy to understand. If your home uses a standard air conditioning system, it most likely has precisely two modes: on and off. Single-stage furnaces and air conditioners can run at full blast or not at all, with nothing in between. Think about how your home tends to feel on a hot summer day, and you'll recognize the behavior of a single-stage system. [Read More]