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3 Air Conditioning Problems Costing You Money Every Month

Air conditioning system problems can come in many different forms. While some issues may be severe enough to leave you sweating through the summer, others may still allow your system to function. Unfortunately, just because your system runs doesn't mean that it's running efficiently. Many air conditioning problems can affect your AC efficiency, costing you extra money every month. Keep reading to learn about three common and subtle issues that might be sapping your AC efficiency and wallet.

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling isn't a specific problem but a symptom of numerous underlying issues. A short cycling system will shut down before reaching your thermostat's setpoint. As a result, your air conditioner will run in relatively short bursts. You may notice your air conditioner turning on and off many times per hour without cooling your home.

Short cycling will cost you money since starting the compressor is the most energy-intensive part of each cycle. Additionally, your system may run longer since it will never reach your thermostat setpoint. Short cycling will also call premature wear on your compressor by forcing it to start and stop repeatedly. Since short cycling can be a symptom of numerous issues, you'll need an HVAC expert to diagnose the cause.

2. Restricted Airflow

Restricted airflow is a common problem in many home air conditioning systems, often due to poor maintenance. Air needs to flow through your air conditioning system to cool your home and to prevent your air conditioner's evaporator coil from becoming too cold. Airflow restrictions will eventually cause the evaporator coil to freeze, reducing its efficiency or leading to short cycling.

An air conditioning system with poor airflow will transfer heat less effectively and run for longer, resulting in a less comfortable home and higher utility bills. Fortunately, airflow restrictions are often the result of a dirty air filter and are something you can easily fix. If changing your filter doesn't resolve the problem, you may need a professional to check for blower issues or other problems.

3. Air Leakage

Split-unit central air conditioning systems work by cooling the air at a central location and distributing it throughout your home using ductwork. The rated efficiency for these systems is the efficiency at the air handler unit. However, real-world efficiency depends on the ability of your home's ductwork system to carry conditioned air throughout your home.

Air leakage in your ductwork system can profoundly affect your system's efficiency. Since the air at your vents is warmer than it should be, your air conditioner will need to work harder and run longer to cool your home. A professional HVAC technician can perform an air duct leakage test to look for potential problems and help you get closer to achieving your air conditioner's rated efficiency.

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