Finding Duct Leaks

5 Causes Of Uneven Home Cooling

On hot summer days, you want every room of your home to be cool, so it's frustrating when your air conditioner is cooling unevenly. Some issues you can fix easily yourself, but others will require the assistance of an AC repair service.

1. Blocked Ducts 

Ducts can be blocked by dirt and debris, as well as from dents or warping. Cooling is uneven when only some ducts are blocked and others are flowing freely. A duct inspection and cleaning can locate and remedy these problems. It's also a good idea to check the vents and registers in each room, as your unit won't cool evenly if these are blocked or closed.

2. Fan Settings

If your air conditioner fan is on the "automatic" setting, the fan will turn off when the cooling unit shuts off. Air won't circulate well through the home, so some areas will begin to feel warmer before others. Switching over to the "on" setting solves the problem because the fan will continue to run and circulate the air between cooling cycles. If circulation still seems poor, using ceiling fans can help.

3. Blower Malfunction

The blower assembly is the part of the air conditioner that sends cold air flowing through the ducts and into every room of your house. If the blower isn't functioning at its full capacity, the air may not blow with enough force to flow into the rooms furthest away from the assembly. These rooms will be warmer than those closer to the blower unit. Sometimes a blower may only need maintenance, such as bearing lubrication, but more severe issues will necessitate a replacement.

4. Improper Sizing

Usually, uneven cooling issues are a problem with older air conditioners. If the problem is with a newly installed model, the culprit may be the size of the unit. An overly small air conditioner won't be able to produce enough cold air nor circulate it well enough to evenly cool a larger home. A unit that has too large of a capacity for the home may freeze up and stop producing cold air. Your AC technician can help you select a unit sized perfectly for your home.

5. Dirt Buildup

Dirt and debris inside the air conditioner unit itself can reduce airflow so that some rooms don't receive as much cool air as those closer to the unit. You may be able to fix the problem by changing the air filter in your AC. Vacuuming out the housing for the filter will also cut down on dirt blockages. Dirt buildup inside the unit and on the blower assembly can be cleaned by your repair tech.

Contact an air conditioning repair service if your home isn't cooling down as well as expected.