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Has Your Air Conditioner Stopped Blowing Cold Air Into The Room? 4 Possible Causes

It is concerning when your air conditioning system blows warm air into the house instead of cold air. However, the problem is not always complicated, and it does not mean you are about to lose the entire air conditioner. Sometimes, the complication is a simple matter that an AC repair technician can troubleshoot and fix. Here are the top reasons your system is blowing warm air.

Have You Been Maintaining Your Condenser?

The condenser is a crucial component of the AC. It dissipates the heat from inside the house to the environment and leaves your indoor space cool. However, it might accumulate dirt and debris if poorly maintained, losing its efficiency. In this case, performing necessary condenser repairs should restore the unit's overall efficiency. 

Did You Set the Thermostat Wrong? 

The first cause of problems with your air conditioning system could be the thermostat. After all, it is the part of the unit that determines how warm or cool the home should be. So, start your troubleshooting by checking the thermostat to ensure it is set to your desired temperature. If not, the system should naturally rectify itself and blow cool air inside the home with proper settings. However, if the thermostat has an electrical failure, you will not have much luck cooling down your home. In this case, you will need an expert to fix the loose wiring to restore component function.

Have You Cleaned the Air Filters in the Recent Past?

Another place to check for possible air conditioning issues should be your air filters. In this case, you should have clean air filters if you want efficient cooling inside your house. On the other hand, clogged filters lock air out of the system, and the compressor coil might freeze as a result. Other parts of the system might also malfunction, making it difficult for the system to blow cold air inside your home. You should consult an AC maintenance expert if you suspect problems with your filters. They can help you clean or replace these crucial components and restore the unit's function.

Can You Smell Chemicals in the House?

Another common issue with the ACs emanates from the compressor and evaporator system. When either of the systems gets punctured, the refrigerant will leak and minimize cooling efficiency. Since the Freon helps cool down the home by absorbing heat, your AC will not blow cool air into the room if you do not have enough of it. In this case, you need an AC repair expert to seal the leak and regas your system for maximum cooling. 

These are some things that an AC repair and maintenance professional might look into when your system starts blowing warm air into the home. Hence, engage one to help you resolve all your system's issues and restore cooling as soon as possible.