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Do You Fear There Is Mold In Your Furnace? Call A Heater Repair Expert Today To Avoid Hazards

Musty smells around the home when the furnace is running can be a big problem. If you feel like you can smell mold or must every time the furnace turns on, you need an HVAC professional to come assess the situation.

There are many dangers that are connected with the inhalation of mold. You don't want to put your family at risk. Talk with a heating and cooling professional about having the following services completed today.

Air Filter Replacement

Start by having the air filter on the unit replaced. This is something that should be done once to twice a year without mold or mildew problems, and if your filter is old, it could be spreading dust, mold, and bacteria every time your furnace turns on. While they are doing this, you may want to have the interior inspected.

Internal Chamber Cleaning

If your furnace is in a damp space and you think moisture is in the air, this could have been sucked into the furnace. Mold may be living and spreading internally inside the furnace. Have the unit cleaned out. The HVAC professional will:

  • Use an air tool to remove all the dust and debris
  • Clean the mechanical components
  • Sanitize the interior and exit air pipes
  • Inspect for any concerns

When the interior of the unit has been sanitized properly, it will be time to put in the new air filter.

Duct Cleaning

Any compromised air that may have mold spores that have left the furnace has been transported through the ducts. This means the ducts need to be cleaned and sanitized. Lint, dust, and any insects or other debris will be sucked from the ducts, then a cleaning agent will be misted throughout the ductwork and ventilation system. This doesn't just help to clean the ducts from mold contamination but will improve air quality overall throughout your home.

Ask the HVAC service member if they see any gaps or other concerns with the ducts while they are doing the cleaning. Mold can spread rapidly, so if you are smelling mold and a musty odor, you want to get the furnace examined right away.

Not only will all of these things help you remove the odors coming out of the vents and the mold that is a health concern, but they should also help improve the energy efficiency of your furnace. Call for a heating repair inspection and get your furnace serviced today.