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4 Prevalent AC Fan Problems That Require Attention

Hot and humid summers necessitate a functional air conditioner for comfort. Fans are a crucial part of your AC because they assist in cooling. However, fans can malfunction for various reasons, just like any other component. When that happens, you need AC repair immediately to avoid any inconvenience. Here are four typical fan issues that need attention.

1. Excessively Loud Fan

When your fan is in prime condition, it will operate with minimal noise. On the flip side, a problematic fan runs loudly. Screeching sounds, for instance, may point to a worn fan belt. If you hear a clunking sound, the fan blade could be bent or loose. As a result, the blade will hit the insides of your outdoor unit, creating noise.

Other common noises that you might hear are buzzing and rattling. Any persistent and loud sounds from your fan require a technician to inspect the cause.

2. Motor Mishaps

A burnt-out motor in a fan can be a sign of trouble for your cooling system. This component can suffer damages due to a lack of tune-ups and overworking. In addition, when the motor burns out, fans might not cycle as they should. That means your air conditioner won't supply the adequate airflow needed to deal with the sweltering heat. 

Fortunately, a professional can repair the motor if the damage isn't extensive. Once fixed, it will turn the blades and work optimally.

3. Wiring Issues

A fan relies on electrical wiring to operate its components. If the connections are loose or disconnected, the motor won't function at all. In other cases, these parts will strain to cool your home, consequently putting pressure on the entire air conditioner.

Besides this, voltages can become uneven and trip the circuit breaker. An AC expert will need to check the wiring and solve specific issues. For safety reasons, please don't touch these components because they are dangerous. 

4. Running But Not Cooling

If your fan is running but not blowing cool air, it could be clogged. Blades can easily collect dust, dirt, and other contaminants, especially when the air filter is filthy. After that, airflow gets restricted, and you won't receive sufficient cooling.

The ultimate solution for this problem is to hire a technician to clean the blades and other fan components. This will effectively remove any obstructions within the unit.

The above are common fan issues that you need to address immediately. A technician can solve such mishaps through AC repair.

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