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Thinking About Air Conditioning Installation? 3 Critical Questions To Guide You

If your current home had the air conditioner already installed when you moved in, it's likely you have never bought one. And, even if you have handled air conditioning installation before, it may be years since you did it. Therefore, it's understandable if you're unsure about the most suitable system for your home or office. Well, here are three questions to guide you before AC installation.

What Size of AC Do You Need?

The importance of a correctly sized AC cannot be stressed enough. A too-small AC will not cool your home during the hottest days, while a too-large one wears out quickly and consumes excess energy. That said, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for a new air conditioner. The right size for you will depend on various factors like the size of your home and your cooling needs. 

If your home is large with multiple bedrooms, you may want a split system air conditioner. But for a smaller home, a ducted air conditioning unit may serve you just fine. As a general rule, your AC should have a cooling power of about 20 BTUs per square foot. But since there are other factors to consider, it's best to talk to an AC contractor for a professional inspection of your home.  

How Much Will You Pay for a New Air Conditioner? 

The cost of your air conditioner will vary depending on the type you have chosen, your geographical location, and the additional services needed. For example, most modern AC units have higher efficiency levels, but they also cost more to install than traditional systems. 

If the installation requires your existing ductwork to be repaired, you can also expect to pay more. However, the price tag isn't the only aspect to consider in the cost. Considering that your air conditioner can serve you for years, you need to look at the bigger picture. A high-efficiency system may cost you more now, but how much are you going to save in reduced energy costs over time? 

Where Should You Install Your New AC Unit?

Once you have decided on the right AC size and the budget, the next step is to plan its placement. The most obvious place is where it's needed most and where it's most efficient. Typically, an indoor air conditioning unit is placed in a high location to serve an entire room. In a living room, that place can be above the TV, with the AC facing you, while in a bedroom, it can be above the bed. 

Outdoor air conditioning units are usually mounted in stable places, usually against the wall of the room that needs air conditioning. However, it's critical to consider other factors like where the unit is free from the risk of elements, vandalism, and theft, as well as where it's easily accessible for maintenance. Don't worry; your AC contractor can help you figure out the best location.