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3 Reasons Your AC Unit Is Dripping Water

Most people consider leaking water a sign of serious trouble with their air conditioner. When it happens to you, you are likely to start worrying about its life expectancy almost immediately. However, the problem is quite common and easy to troubleshoot. You can also resolve it depending on its source. Here are some reasons why your air conditioner could be leaking water and how to solve the problem.

The  Air Filters Have Clogs

The air filter is the part of your air cooling system that catches dirt, dust, debris, and everything else you would not want inside your AC. The warm and clean air then gets to the evaporator coils filled with the refrigerant. The coolant takes the heat from the air and evaporates. Cold air gets pushed back into the house. When the air filters are clogged, the amount of warm air entering your unit decreases. If the volume of the warm air decreases, you will not get enough to counteract the refrigerant. As a result, the coil freezes. Later, it will warm up, and the icicles around it will thaw. The water fills up the drain pan and overflows, which leads to leaking and dripping.

Cracks Have Formed on the Drain Pan

Another common reason water might leak from your air conditioning unit is when you have cracks in the drain pan. Naturally, the pan catches all the water that runs off the evaporator coil. However, they might develop rust and forms cracks with time. And because of wear and tear, they may form cracks too. When the pan gets cracked, water will start leaking and form a puddle underneath the AC evaporator coil. It is advisable to call in an AC repair technician to check your pan and replace it to restore its function.

You Have Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is the center of your AC's overall function. There is an optimum volume needed to keep your house cool, judging by the size of the home and the temperature. You have a refrigerant leak when you see water dripping around the AC unit, and you also experience a draining and hissing noise. Leaks lower the refrigerant levels and also create a health hazard in your home. Call in a professional AC technician to check your system for leaks if you suspect the level has dropped.

The best way to deal with air conditioner problems is by hiring a competent technician to handle your repairs. Reach out to AC repair services to learn more.