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Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System So Your AC Won't Break Down During Hot Weather

Air conditioning may have been a luxury at one time, but it's pretty much a necessity now, especially if you have a respiratory illness. It's difficult to breathe in humid, oppressive weather. Plus, you may have allergies and need to keep your home closed up to reduce your symptoms. When you rely on your AC to help maintain your health, you want to keep your air conditioner in good repair so you can avoid a breakdown at all costs. Here are some important steps to keep your air conditioning system in good shape.

Keep Weeds Away From The Condenser

If you get behind in yard work, weeds can crowd the AC condenser outside. Weeds restrict airflow, so they could lead to problems with your AC overheating and not being able to cool your home. You might want to put rocks around the ground near your AC so weeds won't grow too close to it. Then you can eliminate one cause of air conditioning malfunctioning.

Keep Your AC Equipment Clean

Equipment that's clogged with dust is on the road to a breakdown. It's important to keep dust out of the air handler and dirt and grass clippings out of the condenser. The best way to do that is to call an air conditioning maintenance service once each year to clean all the equipment so it can operate efficiently. Equipment that's dirty can't work very well, and that can cause parts to overheat and burn out.

Another very important part of keeping your AC running is to change the filter on time. You might need to change it once a month during the summer when the AC runs all the time. A dirty filter may not seem important, but when the filter is clogged with dust, airflow is restricted and that can lead to serious problems with your air conditioner.

Don't Ignore Musty Odors

Musty odors around the air handler indoors might be a sign of an overflowing condensation pan. If the pan can't drain due to a clog in the line, water spills over and gets the AC parts wet and the water can even damage your floor. In addition to water damage, an overflowing condensation pan can cause musty odors and rust to develop. Plus, if mold grows in your home, the spores might get pulled in the ducts and spread around your house. That might be a problem if you have allergies. If you see water around your AC, call an air conditioning repair service to take a look and make repairs.