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Air Conditioner Repairs Needed To Get Your System Working

The condensing unit is a component of your AC where a lot of problems start. Thus, the air conditioning repairs that you may need this summer could be due to problems with the condensing unit and compressor. The following issues are condensing unit problems you want a qualified AC technician to repair:

Ice Buildup on AC

Ice building up on the AC components during the summer months is one of the worst problems you can have. This is often what causes the system to not cool and start blowing hot air out of the vents. It is also the cause of stress on the AC coils and compressor that leads to damage and failures. Therefore, you need to thaw the system when ice builds up on components. Once the system has thawed, you should call an air conditioning repair service to clean the parts and inspect them for damage that needs to be repaired.

Damaged Coil Fins

The fins of your coil are the radiator-looking heat sink outside of the unit. These disperse the heat that the air conditioner removes from your home. They are vulnerable to damage due to debris, pests, and accidents. If the damage to the fins is minor, you can often repair it by gently moving them into place. Too much moving of the fins can cause them to break, and you may need to call a repair service to fix the damage.

AC Leaks

There are various issues with AC refrigerant leaks that can affect your system. Often, these problems start as small leaks and gradually cause the system to cool less. When there is not enough gas, the compressor will constantly run to try to cool your home. These leaks happen most frequently at the coil and compressor. Before the system can be recharged with gas again, the leaks have to be repaired. If your system is blowing warmer air or seems to be running too much, you should call a repair service to check the condensing unit for refrigerant leaks.

Damaged AC Compressor

The compressor of your AC is the main component in the condensing unit. When your air conditioner turns on, the compressor starts, and the gas cools the coils. There are various problems that can affect the compressor, such as leaks, bad components, or failing motors. An AC repair service can service your compressor and repair problems before it needs to be completely replaced.

The issues with your AC condensing unit can lead to the vents blowing warm air or the system not turning on. Contact an AC repair service if you are having trouble with your condensing unit and air conditioning or have questions about air conditioner repair.