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Tender Loving Care for Heating and Cooling Systems Includes Annual Maintenance

Homeowners naturally want their central air conditioner and heating systems to last as long as possible. Preventing breakdowns is another priority. Household residents can use certain strategies to succeed in these goals. Being reasonable about temperature settings and changing the filter as recommended are two steps people can do all year round. Scheduling annual HVAC maintenance is also important.

Temperature Settings

On hot days, basking in a cool environment is a relief. However, running the central air at 72 degrees when the exterior temperature is hovering around 90 makes the system work much harder. A more reasonable setting would be 76 or 78 degrees. Ceiling fans and floor fans create breezes that help keep everyone comfortable while using significantly less electricity.

Another effective strategy is raising the temperature a few degrees before leaving home for the day. There's no reason to keep the place at 76 degrees for many hours when nobody is there.

A Common Misconception

A common misconception is the idea that air conditioning uses more energy to cool the building from a higher temperature compared with letting the system run all day. That's not the case when the thermostat is set at 82 degrees.

Programmable Thermostats

Heating and cooling technicians can install a programmable thermostat if the household residents stick to a regular schedule for the most part. That way, nobody has to remember to turn the setting down before leaving. The building will be cool again by the time the first person arrives back home.

Change the Filter

Another way to increase energy efficiency is to change the filter according to the product's guidelines. A clogged filter makes the system work harder.

Schedule Maintenance

Ideally, homeowners would schedule central air maintenance in spring and heating maintenance in fall. Most prefer to have both projects done at the same appointment, though. In warmer climates, the best choice is to have this done in spring before demand on the central air increases. In northern regions, the equipment can be maintained in autumn.

The technician cleans the devices and makes adjustments as needed. During the inspection, worn parts are discovered and can be replaced before malfunctions occur. The work helps prevent breakdowns at inconvenient times. Because air conditioners work harder on the hottest days, that's when they tend to break down. 

Tender Loving Care

Treating the heating and cooling systems with tender loving care keeps everything functioning properly and boosts the equipment's lifespan. An essential part of that care is the annual service performed by skilled technicians.

Contact a local HVAC contractor, such as Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division, to get help with maintenance.