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3 Critical Signs That It Is Time To Hire A HVAC Contractor For Professional Boiler Repairs

A boiler plays a vital role during the cold winter months. It helps to keep the indoors comfortable and warm from the harsh, chilly weather. Some people also install boilers to heat water for domestic or commercial use. With that in mind, having a broken boiler can be a real nightmare. To avoid frustrating and sudden boiler breakdowns, you need to watch out for the early signs of failure. 

When you notice something unusual in your boiler operations, it is advisable to call a boiler repair professional immediately. If you wait too long, the problem might escalate and lead to a complete shutdown or severe damage to the components. Keep reading and learn some of the warning signs that point to a need for urgent boiler repairs. 

1. Strange Noises Coming from The Boiler

A well-functioning boiler should run silently. Thus, any unusual sound emanating from the boiler indicates that something is wrong. Some of the odd noises that your faulty boiler may produce include gurgling, whistling, banging, and rumbling. In most case, these noises occur due to entry of air into the unit or deposition of minerals. You should contact a boiler installation and repairs professional to determine the underlying cause of the noise and find a viable solution. 

2. Failure of The System to Heat

If the boiler does not deliver heat when you turn on the heater, it might be time to call a boiler repairs professional. Your boiler might fail to heat up due to a broken thermostat. It could also be caused by leakage of air into the system due to faulty motorized valves and circulation pump. For proper diagnosis and repair, you should contact an experienced and licensed boiler system professional. 

3. Reduced Water Pressure 

Many people tend to ignore low water pressure, but it is a sign that all is not well with the system. One of the signs indicating that water pressure is dropping is when the system shuts off itself. The boiler contains a safety cut-off switch which goes off when the water pressure is critically low. By doing this, it prevents the boiler from overheating. Factors that can cause low water pressure include broken components, bled radiators, and system leaks. You should call a professional right away to fix the system in order to avoid any damages that may result from low pressure. 

If you want to reap maximum benefits from your boiler system, you must pay attention to its operations and detect any signs of damage. Early boiler repairs might save you many headaches, time and money on complicated breakdowns.