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Compressor Problems and AC Repairs You Will Need to Get Cooling Again

The biggest problem with air conditioners during the summer months is the compressor not working. Sometimes these problems may be due to minor issues like the unit icing over, but they can also be more serious. Therefore, you want to know what is causing your AC compressor to not cool your home as it should. The following compressor problems and AC repairs will help ensure your home stays cool:

Freezing and icing of AC components—During summer weather, the AC can strain to keep your home cool when maintenance has not been done on components like the coil and compressor. These icing over problems can be prevented by maintenance tasks that include:

  • Regular air filter changes
  • Winterizing your AC unit
  • Cleaning condensing unit
  • Frequent inspections for dirt and debris

Doing these simple things to ensure your AC unit stays clean can help you avoid problems with ice building up on parts. If you wait until you have a problem with freezing, it is too late for the maintenance, and you will need to call an AC repair service for help.

Leaks causing the AC not to function—There can also be problems with leaks that cause the AC to not cool as it should. This is often due to the stress caused during heatwaves and lack of maintenance. The problems with dirty components and freezing are often the cause of leaks. Therefore, your AC compressor and coils will need to be checked for leaks that are causing your air conditioner to not work.

Overheating due to freezing and strain—The compressor overheating may be due to several issues. It can be because of parts failing and causing the AC to strain. These problems are more frequently caused by the freezing and ice buildup on components. As the condensation freezes, it causes extra strain on the system and the compressor to overheat. This overheating can lead to serious damage to the AC compressor, which may need to be replaced if you wait to take care of the problem.

Worn compressor motor and parts failing—Sometimes, there are parts of your compressor that just wear out and need to be replaced. These parts include the bearings and electric motor. The AC repair service may be able to repair the compressor by replacing worn parts, but it is often better to replace the compressor to avoid more problems, failures, and costly AC repairs.

These are some of the AC compressor problems that you may have to deal with when your home is too hot. If your compressor is causing problems with cooling your home, contact an air conditioning repair service for help getting these problems fixed.