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Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

With the heat of summer upon us, the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to break down or for it not to work as well as it should.  This can be avoided with regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit.  Following these three easy tips can help keep your air conditioning unit in good shape, keeping you nice and cool during those hot summer days.  These tips can also keep your energy bill low and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Check the air filters

Make a habit of checking the air filter on a regular basis.  If it is dirty, make sure to change it as soon as possible.  A good rule of thumb is to change the air filter every couple of months.  A dirty or clogged filter can prevent air from flowing freely through the air conditioning unit.  This can cause the unit to not cool as well as it usually does.  It can also force the air conditioning unit to work much harder, causing an increase in energy use.  A dirty air filter can also reduce air quality by allowing the dust and allergens that collect on the filter to circulate into the air.

Clean your outside unit

The outside air conditioning unit requires periodic cleaning to get rid of any dirt, grass clippings and leaves that may have built up.  Neglecting to do this can cause a reduction of airflow, and your house may not feel as cool.  If the unit is clogged with debris, this can eventually cause the air conditioner to overheat and result in a breakdown.  You can easily clean the unit by shutting off the power to the unit and gently washing it out with a garden hose.  You should also make sure to trim back any shrubs or plants from around your air conditioning unit.

Schedule yearly maintenance.

Scheduling a yearly maintenance check and system tune-up will lessen the chance of a breakdown and reduce the need for costly air conditioning services.  During this yearly maintenance, the technician will ensure that your system is operating efficiently and effectively.  They will also check all of the electrical components to ensure safety, replace any needed parts, and clean the system.  This check will also give you the chance to find out about any small problems and take care of them before they turn into big issues.  It is best to have this maintenance done in the spring, right before you turn the system on for the summer.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers air conditioning services.