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3 Reasons To Opt For Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

A residential sewer line plays an essential role in transporting household waste to a municipal sewer system. Thus, it can be alarming to discover that your sewer line has a major problem, such as one or more large cracks in the pipe. After learning that your sewer line needs major repairs, it is always a good idea to ask the plumbing service that you are working with if trenchless sewer line repair is possible. Trenchless sewer line repair has a lot of advantages over more traditional methods of sewer line repairs. Some of the top benefits of trenchless sewer line repair include the following.

Protect the Landscaping in Your Yard

Landscaping a yard can be quite expensive, so most homeowners do not relish having a large area of their yard dug up so their sewer line can be repaired. As its name suggests, trenchless sewer line repair does not require large trenches to be dug so the sewer line can be accessed. Instead, small holes are made and different methods are used to reinforce the pipe and make the necessary repairs. Filling in the holes made during trenchless sewer line repair is typically easy and won't affect your landscaping long term.

Timely Repairs

If your sewer line is cracked, it should be repaired as fast as possible. It is never a good idea to let household waste to seep out of the sewer line and into the soil. One of the reasons why trenchless sewer line repair is so popular is that it can be done very quickly and typically does not take as long as more traditional sewer line repair methods. Since trenchless sewer line repair does not require extensive digging, the entire repair process can be done fast. A lot of homeowners don't want to deal with repairs that take a long time-- depending on the size of your lot and the type of damage to your sewer line, a traditional sewer line repair could take days, while a trenchless repair can be done in less than a day.

Save Money

While it is essential for a sewer line to be in good working condition, few people want to spend a large amount of money on major plumbing repairs if they do not have to. Trenchless sewer line repair is typically substantially less expensive than traditional sewer line repairs. This is because no heavy equipment is needed for digging and labor costs are lower since the repairs don't take as long to complete. 

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