Finding Duct Leaks

Have High Heating Bills With A Newer Furnace? Check These Important Things Today

If you are tracking the rise in your heating bills and you are starting to worry that you must replace your unit that isn't that old, you first want to call  HVAC professionals. A service professional can come to examine your furnace. Some small changes can give you big results and savings.

Call around and get quotes for a tune-up and furnace evaluation. The following are a few things you may want to have an HVAC service check.

Regular Maintenance to Start

You should start by getting the machine serviced by an HVAC professional. This could instantly make the unit run more efficiently. During a tune-up the contractor will:

  • Replace the filter
  • Blow out the internal chambers to remove dust and clogs
  • Check the pilot chamber for leaks
  • Look at the gas lines and pipes

If there is anything noticeably wrong or that needs repairs, the HVAC staff should notice it while doing the cleaning and tune-up.

Duct Concerns and Damages

There are many things that can cause your home to shift and settle over time. This includes weather and temperature changes, soil moisture, and aging building materials. Ducts can get shifted when a house settles, and the components can separate.

This causes air loss from the furnace or air conditioning unit every time you run your HVAC appliances. Having the ducts sealed should immediately help with heating and cooling expenses.

Check for Major Cracks

Check for major cracks around door jams and window boxes. Even around plumbing pipes can there be large leaks. If air is escaping in these areas at a fast rate, this can be costing you a lot of money when the furnace and air conditioner are running. Make sure there aren't large cracks or leaks that are the cause of your problems.

If you have a furnace that isn't old enough to be replaced and you think it should be more efficient than your heating bills reflect, talk with your local heating and cooling contractors to see if a tune-up and duct leak protection are key.

Your furnace could be running continuously because there is a problem with a sensor, the thermostat is faulty, or there is a problem with the ignition switch. Don't let this cause high heating bills or any other similar problems. Get your machine tune-up and make the necessary changes to have efficient heating in your home.

For more information, contact an HVAC service in your area.