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Do's And Don'ts When Maintaining Your Furnace During The Winter

Homeowners who take great care of their furnaces often do so because they fear the dreaded furnace breakdown. This is when your furnace breaks down, and you have to sit in the cold while waiting for a furnace repair technician get your furnace working again. There are certain forms of maintenance that will reduce the risk of this happening.

Don't Crack Your Heat Exchanger

The most common reason for why your furnace breaks down is that you develop a crack in the heat exchanger. Because of how expensive the heat exchanger is, you might need to replace the entire furnace unless your furnace is under warranty. The most common reason why the heat exchanger cracks is that the homeowner reduces flow to the furnace.

Do Replace Your Filter

Unfortunately for many homeowners, one reason you might cause your furnace heat exchanger to crack is that you reduce air flow by not regularly changing your filter. This is a frustrating mistake because it isn't difficult to change a filter. In many cases, you simply need to take the filter over to the sink, rinse it down, and put it back in place.

Don't Block Your Vents

Another mistake is to block the vents. For example, you might move your furniture in front of the vents while decorating. You might have installed drapes and didn't realize that they block the vent. This can slow air flow and lead to your heat exchanger cracking.

Do Clean Your Registers

Check all of your registers to make sure they are free from debris. Also, make sure to use registers that are designed to maximize air flow and not registers that are meant to be decorative since these can substantially reduce your air flow.

Don't Turn Off Your Ceiling Fans

While you might use ceiling fans in the summer, it's also beneficial to use them in the winter. Ceiling fans push hot air down and can keep your home warm while also reducing how hard your furnace needs to work.

Do Hire a Maintenance Technician

Hiring an HVAC maintenance technician from a company like Phil's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will help keep your furnace from breaking down. A technician will perform the regular maintenance tasks that you need to keep your furnace running in the winter and will also discover if there is a problem that might lead to your furnace breaking down. Getting a regular tune-up will also ensure that your furnace operates as efficiently as possible.