Finding Duct Leaks

Improve Heating Efficiency In Your Commercial Building

Managing the temperature inside your business and simultaneously keeping costs low can be a challenge. This is especially true in winter, when the temperature outside is drastically different from the one you desire inside your building. The following tips can help you to keep the commercial heating system in good working order so it can warm your building without costing you a lot of money.

Seal the ducts

Many air duct systems in commercial buildings leak badly. This means heat is lost inside the walls and empty areas long before it actually heats the areas that house the offices and sales floors. The situation can be particularly bad in older buildings, where age and past maintenance can leave ducts gapped or even unattached to the system. A commercial heating service can perform a duct inspection using a camera that they feed into the ductwork. They will then repair and seal any air leaks they find, thus improving the efficiency of the entire system.

Install the right thermostat

A programmable thermostat is key to running an efficient heating system. These systems allow you to set the temperature to the desired setting not just for the whole building, but for specific zones within the building. This means you can warm the offices or areas where weekend staff works, while lowering the thermostat in offices where staff doesn't come in over the weekend. You can also turn it down overnight if you don't have 24-hour staff on duty, while still ensuring the office is warm for the morning crew. This saves money. Further, make sure the thermostat is only accessible by a code, which only management and maintenance have. This prevents people from messing with the thermostat and running up the heating bill unnecessarily.

Manage doors and windows

One issue businesses have most homes do not is that the doors are constantly being open and closed. Windows are less of a concern, but you may want to install window alarms just so you are aware if anyone does leave a window open. Otherwise, it can stay open for days or even weeks, resulting in heat loss. As for the doors into the building, you have a few upgrades that can help. Doors that automatically close and can't be easily propped open are better for your heating bill and your building security. Whether or not you are already planning to upgrade entrances, consider installing double doors to help prevent heat loss as people come and go.

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