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Typical Causes Of AC Blower Problems

Your air conditioner (AC) won't cool your house if the air blower is malfunctioning. The air blower is the part of the AC that pulls state air for re-cooling and circulates cool air throughout the house. The following are some of the reasons an AC blower may malfunction. 


The blower has both electrical and mechanical components that must work for efficient cooling. One of the electrical components is the blower motor, which is designed to operate within a specified temperature range. The motor will stop running if it overheats. Causes of motor overheating include electrical malfunctions, poor AC sizing, and dirty filters, among others.

Open Blower Compartment

The blower sits inside a compartment with a door that you can open and close. The compartment protects the blower components from damage. It also protects you from injury.

For safety reasons, AC manufacturers design the blower to stop running if the blower compartment door is openMaybe you opened the door to check something but forgot to close it, or the lock mechanism is damaged.

No Electricity

The blower motor runs the fan belt that rotates the fan and circulates the air. The blower motor runs on electricity. Thus, anything that interferes with the flow of electricity will prevent the blower motor from running. For example, the blower motor won't run if the breaker is tripped, the AC plug is loose, or if there is a blackout.

Flooded Condensate Drain Tray

The condensate drain gets rid of excess moisture that condenses during the AC's normal operations. Flooding can damage various AC components, damage your home, interfere with the AC operations, and encourage mold growth. Some ACs have sensors that detect if the condensate drain tray is flooded and shuts down the AC.

Physical Damage to Blower Components

The blower consists of different components, such as the motor, fan, fan belt, bearing, and others. Physical damage to some of these components leads to blower malfunction.

For example, the blower fan won't turn if the fan belt is damaged or loose. The blower motor may not run if the bearings have seized. A bent, obstructed, or damaged fan may also fail to rotate as it usually does.

Hopefully, the above problems won't affect your AC's blower any time soon. Since a blower malfunction means no cooling, a blower that runs requires prompt intervention. Unless you have a good experience with AC repairs, it's best to avoid DIY repairs if the AC suffers a malfunction. Instead, contact an air conditioning repair service.