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The Benefits Of Building With Brick And Mortar

Are you looking to erect a new structure in the near future? Whether it's a home or a business, you will have some decisions to make when it comes to the types of materials you will use. While many buildings are constructed with a variety of materials and yours will likely be the same, there are some key benefits that can be gained by ensuring that the majority of the construction is done with brick and mortar. Here's why you should reach out to a local masonry contractor today.

Fire- and Water-Resistant

Brick and mortar can stand up to the heat of a flame much better than a timber-based building.  This should give you some peace of mind about your new construction from day one and if a fire every does break out, it might even give you some more time to get some of your valuables safely out of the building. Brick and mortar is also the go-to material for those who are looking for a building that will not develop leaks over time. Buildings that use aluminum or another type of siding often have gaps where the sheets of material are connected to one another. Because bricks are tightly sealed together as the building goes up, brick and mortar buildings are less likely to develop leaks.

Save Money on Your Insurance

We've just mentioned some of the safety and maintenance benefits of building with brick and mortar, but there is also a key financial benefit here as well. When it comes time to insure your new property after construction is complete, the insurance company will inspect the building and want to know the types of material that were used. Because brick and mortar is less prone to fire and water damage, it is likely you will receive a lower insurance premium on your policy. 

Curb Appeal

While individual opinions may vary, brick is often associated with curb appeal by many. Brick and mortar construction can give your new property a premium feel that will fill you with pride year after year. This curb appeal could also lead to your building maintaining its property or resale value over time.

If you are looking to put up a new house or building in the near future, you obviously have a lot of decisions to make. But one of your easiest decisions should be to hire a local masonry contractor in order to erect a building featuring an abundance of brick and mortar. Contact a local contractor today for more information.