Finding Duct Leaks

Central Air Conditioning Problems

Have you tried your best to make your HVAC system start producing cold air? Unless you are aware of how the cold air is produced, it isn't likely that you will be able to resolve the problem on your own. There are several parts to the system that can be the root of the problem, and each part will need a professional inspection. The problem can be as simple as you needing to get more coolant placed in the system, which is known as recharging. Below, gather important information about residential HVAC systems that are unable to produce cold air.

No Water or Refrigerant

The coolant to your HVAC system consists of water and refrigerant mixed together. The system is unable to produce cold air if there isn't an adequate amount of both of the fluids. Coolant is the aspect of the system that pulls heat out of the air. The problem is a simple fix because all you have to do is contact a technician to recharge the system, but he or she might have to repair a coolant line if it is leaking. A technician can have your HVAC system producing cold air in no time.

Heat Lingers in Your House

A common reason why an HVAC stops producing cold air is due to the amount of air that lingers in a house. In such a case, it isn't really that the system is unable to produce cold air, it is simply too much heat being mixed with it for you to notice a significant temperature change. If you call a technician for assistance, he or she will likely want to inspect the condenser coil to make sure it isn't damaged. The reason why is because the condenser coil is what helps heat leave out of your house so the air conditioner can work with a high energy efficiency level. If the technician doesn't find any damage to the coil, he or she might simply need to clean it.

The Fan Has Stopped

There is an air handler in your HVAC system that is very important. The fan in the handler produces air that is neither hot nor cold, as it is basically just room temperature until it flows into other areas of the system. A lack of cold air can point to the fan not producing any air altogether. You might need to get the fan fixed if it has stopped working.

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