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Considerations When Choosing A New Hot Water Heater For Your Home

When your water heater gets old, you may take a watchful waiting approach for deciding when to replace it. However, once it starts to leak through the tank, you won't have any choice but to have a new hot water heater installed. You should do it while the leak is still small, before you have a plumbing emergency on your hands. Here are some things to look into when it's time to get a new hot water heater.

Decide If You Want To Switch To A Tankless Model

A tankless hot water heater has advantages, but they may not be the best option in all situations. If you're planning to convert your basement or garage and need to move the heater elsewhere, then a tankless model is appealing because you can mount it in a closet since it's small. You might also want a tankless heater if your home runs out of hot water often, because you'll always have hot water on demand with a tankless heater. However, you'll want to make sure your electrical system can support a tankless heater, because upgrading your electrical panel adds to the cost of the new heater significantly.

Determine The Heater's Specifications

You can use your old water heater as a guide for buying the new one. If you're happy with the way the old heater kept up with your demand for hot water, then a tank of the same size would probably work well. You may also want to keep the same power source, such as an electric or gas model. However, if you're slowly converting your appliances to gas in order to save money on your power bill, now would be a good time to trade in your electric heater for one powered by gas. Just keep in mind that newer hot water heaters are better insulated and much more energy efficient than heaters made several years ago, so you could see savings on your energy bill even if you choose an electric model.

Hire A Professional To Install The Heater

You may want to look around home improvement stores for a good deal on a hot water heater yourself, but you'll still probably need a professional to install it. Even if you have the capability to install a hot water heater, your local codes may require that your water heater installation be done by a licensed professional followed with an inspection by a city code official. Although this adds to your expense, it ensures the heater is installed properly and that your home and family will be safe.