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What To Do When Your Refrigerator Stop Making Ice

You never realize how important your ice maker is until when it is not working. A household uses ice for a variety of reasons on a daily basis. Ice is used for drinks, to make smoothies, to put on an injury and to cool down boiled eggs. However, the refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in a home. If you need a refrigeration repair company, then you could have problems providing meals for your family. Read on to find out what to do when your refrigerator stops making ice.

Check The Fill System

An ice maker has a lot of moving parts. The ice making cycle starts when a timer activates the water valve to fill the ice mold. The next step is to look at your fill system for water, which is located at the back of your icemaker. You want to look at the ice mold to check to see if the ice is absent or too small.  If the fill system, tube and fill cup is iced over, then you should check the tube for a blockage. A blockage can keep water from getting to your fill cup. You may need to clear a blockage or replace a tube. If your fill system is not getting access to water, then it is hard for your refrigerator to make ice.

Check The Water Dispenser

Many refrigerators have a water dispenser that provides water for the icemaker. The different components are connected using a water line. The connecting water line can break inside of your refrigerator. This results in a leak. To get your icemaker back on track, you will need to replace your water line.

Check The Water Inlet Valve

The main supply line for your house provides the water for your icemaker. If you have a block in the water inlet valve, then it is hard to make ice with no water. You need to turn off your main supply line and remove the input tubing. You want to check the tubing for debris and for clogging. If your tubing has debris, then it needs to be cleaned to allow water back into your ice machine.

Some households do not have a deep freezer. They use their refrigerator for all their freezer needs. If one part starts to break down, then other parts may start to malfunction. It is important to not ignore a repair. If you want to find out what is wrong with your refrigerator, then it is time to call a HVAC repair man