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Glitches In Your "Smart" Heating System And Where To Find Them

The race toward having a "smart" home that responds to your every need seems like so much futuristic fun. Yet people often forget that the technology for smart devices and smart home appliances is man-made. This means that it is not without its faults or its glitches. It is not perfect because its creators are not perfect. 

Part of the smart home technology involves heating and air conditioning. From the appliances to the thermostats, these smart home items are bound to have glitches at some point. Your HVAC repair technician can find and fix the glitches, but before that happens, here are some the inevitable glitches and where to find them. 

The Smart Thermostat

The talking, thinking, predicting smart thermostat that auto-adjusts heating and cooling in your home based on outdoor temperatures and your pre-programmed comfort settings sounds dreamy. Yet, you have to understand that these thermostats still rely on electricity to power them, and they need wireless internet connections to do what you expect them to do. Ergo, the glitches come when you experience a power outage, a blackout, issues with your wireless router or modem, and your voice-activated home system which cannot understand your accent.

AI technology is limited to clearly enunciated speech with no accents. It is akin to asking your smartphone to set up an appointment when you have a southern accent and the phone thinks you are asking for information that has nothing to do with your appointment! These are just the glitches you face with the thermostat.

The Smart Furnace

A smart furnace is an appliance that relies on a two-way communication system. It is a little unnerving at first when your furnace begins texting and talking to you about how warm you want your home to be. After a while, you may not notice it as much. However, when there is a glitch in the furnace's communication system or self-diagnostics system, you will be bombarded by texts or emails telling you that something is wrong, or that your temperature requests are being obeyed or canceled. With the small computer system inside these furnaces, you may get "bugs" in the computer system as well. That is when your HVAC technician also becomes a tech expert and fixes the issues.

Usually, you will notice problems in the temperature of your home before the furnace attempts to communicate non-stop with you. It will be too cold one morning, and far too hot the next. At first, you may think it is your smart thermostat, but eventually, you will discover that the glitches are in the smart furnace instead.