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Understanding Issues You May Have With Your Furnace

You may have an issue with the electrical unit connected to your furnace if your furnace starts to repeatedly blow its fuse. There could be a number of things wrong with your furnace that causes the fuse to blow. However, in order to discover the actual cause, several tests may have to be completed. This means checking over things on the furnace such as the filter, the capacitor, transformer, and more. The information provided below highlights several issues you may have with your furnace. 

The Filter

There is a filter located in your furnace that should be changed regularly. If it's not changed, then it's possible that it's clogged with dust and other debris. If the dust continues to coat the filter, it's possible that it can backup into the blower motor. When this happens, the blower can overheat and cause the fuse to blow out or even catch fire. In order to fix this, you should clean or replace the filter. The fuse will need to be replaced as well.

The Capacitor

In order for a furnace to ignite, the capacitor has to function properly. If the capacitor fails to start, it could cause some intermittent electrical issues with the furnace. Therefore, if the capacitor does not ignite, you should have it replaced immediately.  

The Transformer

In order for the transformer to run properly, the voltage controls, ignition, and timers should work properly. If the transformer doesn't get the required voltage, because of faulty wiring or water getting into the unit, it may cause the system to short out. On some furnaces, the transformer can be replaced, but on others you may need a new furnace.

The Blower Motor

The blower motor may not work properly if there is a blown fuse. If this happens, it can cause a strain on the blower as it tries to work to heat up, causing the blower motor to blow out completely. If the fuse is not replaced in time, you may have to replace the blower motor in order for the furnace to work properly.  

Furnace issues can be frustrating and become dangerous if it happens during extreme weather situations. Unfortunately, this list is only a fraction of the things that can go wrong with your furnace. If you are not sure of what is causing issues with your furnace or how to fix them, consider consulting with furnace contractor, such as those at Total Comfort Heating & Cooling.