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Furnace Not Working? Follow These Tips To Stay Warm Until It's Fixed

If your home's furnace has broken down in the middle of the winter, you are going to have to wait it out in the cold until an HVAC repair technician can get out to your home. You will need to keep warm until then, but if you do not have a fireplace or access to space heaters, it may be difficult. Follow these 3 tips to help you stay warm.

Dress Like You Are Outside

Forget about dressing in layers, because without a heat source, your house may become as cold as it is outdoors. Dress appropriately by dressing as if you are outside.

Elderly and children will need to wear several layers, which include a hat, mittens, and socks. If you have snow pants, throw those on as well. Layers can always be removed if you are too hot, but it is difficult to get warm once you are cold.

Instead of sticking with cotton clothing, wear anything made of wool. Microfiber garments and down jackets will do a great job at keeping you warm.

Use Electronics That Generate Heat

If your home still has power, you should use the electronics in your home to generate some heat. Electronics like computer towers, mini refrigerators, and plasma televisions all generate a substantial amount of heat, which will be crucial when a couple degrees can make a difference in the cold. Plug devices in rooms where everyone is gathered, seal off the room, and try to get as much heat as possible from them. Just be careful to avoid overloading a circuit.

You can also use incandescent light bulbs, since they can generate heat easily.

Use Your Kitchen Appliances

Now may be the best time to cook some of those meals that tend to make your house too warm. Using your oven can easily make your home feel hotter just by having it turned on. If you do not have anything to cook, you can place a pot full of water on a rack in your oven, and the steam that comes from it will make the house feel warmer than it was.

You can also run your dishwasher so that it uses the heat cycle when drying the dishes. Don't forget about electronic griddles, toaster ovens, and skillets that generate heat. Just make sure to never leave these items unattended.

Hopefully, your furnace repair technician will be out to your home quickly, and you will not have to rely on these techniques for very long.