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House Fans and Trees to Improve Your AC Efficiency

An AC unit can be expensive to operate, and the more you run your AC unit, the more it wears down. In order to save yourself money, you need to find ways to improve the efficiency of your AC system. To begin with, installing additional equipment can help to save you money, but natural solutions such as planting trees can also help. 

Why Use a House Fan?

A house fan is not the same thing as a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan simply moves air around inside your house. A house fan is installed by cutting a hole through your ceiling into the attic of your house. This allows the house fan to push hot air out of your house through the roof. 

A house fan makes money-saving sense for a few reasons: 1. The motor on the house fan requires much less electricity than an AC unit, so running it when possible will save you money. 2. Running your house fan from the evening through the morning allows you to give your AC unit a break which will reduce wear and tear. 3. By opening your windows when outside temperatures start to fall, you can cool your home down in a matter of minutes.

How Trees Help

While an appliance such as a house fan can help you save money, it still requires the use of electricity. If you want a completely green way to reduce your cooling costs, then you need look no further than trees. Trees naturally cool the air outside your home through a process known as evapotranspiration by which trees release water vapor into the air. This water vapor absorbs heat from the air, and this cool air settles into your yard. Having a large volume or relatively cool air in your yard will help your condenser coils to cool the freon running through them more efficiently than would otherwise be possible. Trees will also help to block the direct assault of the sun's rays which would help to decrease solar heat gain.

Rather than leave it completely up to your AC unit to cool your home, you need to take it upon yourself to find ways to improve the performance of your AC system. Every step you take to improve AC efficiency will help to decrease your cooling costs, but it will also help to reduce wear and tear on your AC unit, so you avoid premature repair costs. It just makes good financial sense to improve AC efficiency. However, if your AC unit is acting up, consider calling an air conditioning service right away to ensure your unit is running at its best.