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How To Improve Your AC

A non-efficient air conditioner can be adding more to your electricity bill than you think. This is because your air conditioning unit will have to be on longer to compensate for the lack of performance, which will cause your unit to consume more electricity. To ensure your unit performs efficiently and that you see quick results, you will want to perform routine services on your unit, like the following:

Reposition Your Outside Unit:

Is your outside unit being blocked by your home's wall or surrounding landscape? If it is, then you may want to consider repositioning your unit to a location that is able to receive good airflow. Providing a good amount of airflow towards your unit will allow your unit to intake more air, which will allow your unit to convert more air at once and this will allow your unit to provide more air to your  home in a shorter period of time. Because of this, you will be able to cool off your home quicker, while eliminating the need to run your unit for an extended period of time.

Change Out Your Air Filters:

Air filters can block air from entering into your house. Also, if your air filters are old, then they are likely covered in a tremendous amount of dust, which can impact the quality of air that is entered into your home and this can pose a threat to your health. To ensure your unit is able to deliver a large quantity of air into your house without compromising the cleanliness of the air, you will want to replace your filters on a regular basis.

Clean Inside Your Condenser:

Cleaning the inside of your condenser is very important as your condenser has components, such as coil bars that converts the outdoor air that the unit intakes, into cold-air. If your unit's coils are covered in landscape debris, then the outdoor air that your unit takes in may not reach the cold temperatures that it could see if the coils were clean. To ensure your condenser is able to cool the outdoor air quickly and efficiently, you will want to clean the coils with a soft brush. You can even give your condenser a spray with your garden hose, which can be very helpful for your unit.

Applying these tips towards your routine air conditioning maintenance won't only help improve the performance quality of your unit, but will help you save on your electricity bill. This is because your unit will run more efficiently, which will reduce the power consumption of your AC.

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